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High-quality cushion for the Arne Jacobsen 3107/3207 chairs, aniline leather, made in Denmark

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A high-quality, reversible aniline leather cushion for the popular 3107/3207 chairs designed by Arne Jacobsen (1902-1971). Made in Denmark for Webb's Mid-Century.

This cushion has cold foam filling and has a slip proof rubber mat on the bottom. The upholstery is made from Nevada aniline leather by Danish CAMO leathers A/S. NEVADA is a full-grain, vacuum-tanned, smooth aniline leather. The hide is firm, but supple with an exceptional grain. The best choice when looking for Saddle-type leather. Visible insect bites, healed
wounds and fat stripes contribute to the exclusive look. Cromfree tanned – made without the use of PCP and CFC, which are harmful to the enviroment. 

Tecnical specification:
Raw material: Grain leather from South German cattle hides. 
All CAMO leather is dyed through.

Aniline leather has none or only a light surface treatment which preserve the leather’s natural surface and soft touch. All natural markings will be visible on aniline leather which contributes to the leather’s exclusive appearance. The light surface treatment makes the leather breath and comfortable to sit in. On the other hand this kind of leather is very susceptible to dirt and will in time become a little darker. Only raw material from the best selection is used for aniline leather. In aniline leather it is possible to see the hair follicle in the grain.

Width: 45 cm, D: 39 cm, H: 1.5 cm.

Made to order: The handling time is currently up to 8 business days.


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