Kay Bojesen Chimney Sweeper

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The chimney sweeper stands tall and upright with his ladder and proudly wears his fine uniform with shiny buttons, white neck cloth, and the iconic high hat. He is almost majestic, and H.C. Andersen wrote: "The porcelain maker could just as well have made a prince out of him."

In itself, the chimney sweeper is adventurous and elegant, and in the company of the Shepherdess, they become a couple as a symbol of love and togetherness. In the fairy tale about the Shepherdess and the Chimney Sweeper, the old Chinese man tries to force the Shepherdess to marry the Tree Devil. The couple falls in love and decides to escape up the chimney and out into the big world, which however, becomes a little too big for the Shepherdess. Therefore, they return, and fortunately, the situation has changed so that the old Chinese man can no longer decide the couple's fate. Together they go through fire and water to get each other, and love eventually wins.

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